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Friday, October 17, 2014

In the first published account from a witness that claims to have seen from start to finish the incident in which Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown. A summary of the witness' account, as published in the St. Louis Dispatch, contains a number of significant differences from the 'hands up, don't shoot' account given by Dorian Johnson and a number of other initial accounts. read more


I'm not interested in your deflections. You've been obsessed with witness veracity for months, going on and on about it to the point that it's a running joke around here. But when this witness is exposed as a total fraud, you don't have a word to say about it.

Your agenda is completely obvious.
#24 | Posted by rcade

That this comment got a whopping seven "newsworthy" flags is particularly impressive considering how many people have plonked Dix.


Looks like a lot of people flagged it without reading my stuff, so the NW total is consistent with plonk totals.

I didn't deflect. I challenged the notion that #40 is a "key witness," that her testimony "shaped public debate" from early on, and the ridiculous claim that there are no witness who corroborate Wilson's account and the physical evidence.

I have "not a word to say?" I pointed out that Witness #40 was discredited during questioning. I provided pertinent passages from her questioning, with links. I provided passages and links to other witness interviews and testimony that show there are far more fabricating nut jobs promoting "hands up, don't shoot," which we all should know by now is completely refuted by the physical evidence, in particular by the five fact filters I outlined.

I also provided passages of testimony from witnesses who corroborate that Brown was charging Wilson aggressively. There are numerous sworn accounts match the physical evidence from very early on that were more likely to have shaped public debate.

The family in the minivan, the couple on the porch and people in the street have withstood intense pressure to stay quiet or tell a story that doesn't align with the facts. Similar ideological pressures exist in this thread and many other DR threads on this topic.

It reminds me of MSNBC having Michael Brady's recorded quote from the scene: "He just got shot. He was up in that officer's ---!" in hand, but choosing not to air it. With the complete collapse of the accounts that really shaped public debate -- Dorian Johnson, Piaget Crenshaw, and Tiffany Mitchell -- why folks choose to to not read testimony for themselves is very enlightening to the bigger problem of trying to martyr Michael Brown in the name of police reform.

Reform the police, by all means, but don't fool yourself into thinking that witness #40 is all that stood between Michael Brown and what you call justice.

After spending 40 pages telling #40 they don't believe she was anywhere near the shooting scene, here is how the questions wrap up:

Q: Okay. Listen, it was good to meet you today and thank you for your time.

#40: I'm sorry if I wasted

Q: No, you didn't.

#40: I know what I seen, I know you don't believe me. As far as being out there, I know I probably searched too much to try to refresh my memory.

Q: It is not a matter of believing you. It is difficult when you say to us that you are posting things online that people might consider racist.

#40: It is racist and that's why I turned to the other thing.

Q: So you are posting racist things online and you are telling us, you know, and you are telling us, you know, your account and then there are videos that don't show your car. And then there is a map that shows you couldn't have left the way you left from.

#40: I don't know how I left.

Q: But, obviously, we find out what people's motivations are when you say you posted things online that are racist and you come in here and tell us an account that supports Darren Wilson. We're not saying

#40: Well, it is not for Darren Wilson, it is all first responders. Because we do fire department, we do EMS, or whatever, and local law enforcement. We do not focus, we do not post on Darren Wilson.

Q: You raised money for Darren Wilson.

#40: No, we're doing it for the local law enforcement that have been dealing with the riots, not Wilson himself.

Q: All right. But as you said in your first statement, you may not be the best witness because of your memory problems and the other issues that you have.

#40: Right, oh, I know that.

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