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"Staying out of it when there is not good option is the best choice. Its not as if we don't have blood on our hands. We dropped bombs on Tripoli. We are responsible for the country being a hellhole for who knows how many years to come. Don't get mealy mouthed on me now."

So you are okay with despotic regimes slaughtering their people. Got it.

"So don't do it. Problem solved."

How quaint. A real live isolationist. I thought your kind died out long ago.

"This indicates to me that you don't understand the situation in Benghazi prior to the attack. Its not as if there was an undercover cell. Or a camp out in the wilderness. There were all over the city. Not just them but Salafists and other kinds of crazies too. That might be normal in some areas of Yemen and Somalia but its not the norm in the region. And it is stupid to send a small # of Americans to any city where this is true."

If you want to conduct diplomacy, sometimes you have to send diplomats to dangerous places. This is nothing new or unusual.

"Stay out of government forever."

Get used to disappointment. The fact is, she broke no laws and did nothing unethical. Even if the US' Libya policy is a failure (and you have far from shown anything like this) she did not set that policy and can hardly be blamed for its outcomes.

"Oh please. A vapid aplogist calling me names means nothing to me."

I didn't call you names (but you seem quick to resort to that tactic). I called your comments what they are: inane yammerings, quite besides the point.

"screeching "nothing to see here" isn't going to make you right."

No, your inability to show anything to see AFTER A YEAR OF TRYING makes me right.

"These people died beacuse our govenrment made very stupid"

You have shown nothing of the sort, of course. Your opining that something is stupid proves nothing, alas.

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