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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Urban Institute and the Tax Policy Center today released analyses of the costs of Sen. Bernie Sanders' domestic policy proposals, including single-payer national health insurance. They claim that Sanders' proposals would raise the federal deficit by $18 trillion over the next decade.

We won't address all of the issues covered in these analyses, just single-payer Medicare for all. To put it bluntly, the estimates (which were prepared by John Holahan and colleagues) are ridiculous. They project outlandish increases in the utilization of medical care, ignore vast savings under single-payer reform, and ignore the extensive and well-documented experience with single-payer systems in other nations - which all spend far less per person on health care than we do. read more

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The New York primary – which disallowed independents from voting; required prospective voters to register as Democrats six months before the election, at a time when few knew who Bernie Sanders was; saw a minimum of 126,000 voters accidentally purged from the voter rolls; is now under investigation by the State of New York; and already has led to the firing of at least one state elections official – was not only declared a decisive victory by Hillary Clinton, but also, per her staff, signaled the end of the Democratic primary race.

That Clinton's home-state margin of victory was 56.5 points less than Sanders' 72.5-point margin of victory in his own home state, Vermont, went unsaid. That she only netted 15 more delegates in New York than Sanders had netted in Vermont – out of the 4,051 pledged delegates to be awarded this election season – also went unsaid.


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