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Friday, May 06, 2016

"Hillary Clinton. She'll say anything, and change nothing. It's time to turn the page."

-Obama read more


1) We leave the Middle East. Let the mess we created resolve itself. Combat any repercussions that come our way. If any end up getting here.

Sorry this won't solve the problem.... its not really what caused the issue either.

This. Is actually the only solution to our troubles in the Middle East. Staying there and continued aggression isn't helping anything other than helping ISIS and Al Qaeda recruited more members.

Also. Not sure what, "its not really what caused the issue either." is referring to.

2) We carpet bomb the entire Middle East. Absolutely decimating the Middle East, to the point of absolute submission. Drop a few nukes. Like we did with Japan.

There was a saying, Nuke'em and shoot anything that glows at night....

This, I'm assuming, is your preferred solution. It may work.

3) Indefinite occupation of the Middle East. Continuously fighting small skirmishes as they pop up. Forever.

Unfortunately we left Iraq, and there is very little turning back at this point. Perhaps we didn't need to stay forever, but for a long while, it really isn't so bad to do that once its settled. For instance Japan used to be run by a wicked crew, and over time as democracy has developed a few cycles things got much better. We left Iraq too soon. I wasn't for the war, but once we were there it was a commitment long term. Something Hillary just slinks away from, hence my distrust of her.

There was never. And will never be a good time to leave hostile nations that don't want us occupying them. We've murdered millions of Middle Easterners. But there are millions more willing to die. And their fight is more justified than ours. Why were we in Iraq? Why did we enter Syria? Libya? We have no reason to be in any of these countries. We are the aggressors. We are the terrorists. Their lives before we got there may have sucked. But it was their lives. Their country. They knew how to deal with everyday life. Now. Most of them are dead. We destroyed their ability to police and protect their citizens. We didn't spread peace and democracy. We spread death and hate. We didn't help anyone other than the rich. We helped secure their oil. We helped secure territory to build gas lines.

We are at fault. And your delusion. That the people of the Middle East are attacking us because of Islam, is retarded. I hate religion. All religions. But. The Middle Easterners are retaliating. Against our brutality. Towards them. For absolutely no reason.

It's amazing how you think. That somehow, if they weren't Islamic, they'd be fine with our actions. That. Our aggressive behavior. Our slaughtering of millions upon millions of Middle Easterners has no impact on their behavior. That it's all because they're Islamic.

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