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On average 100 tourists per year visiting the holy land fall victim to "Jerusalem syndrome". Mentally balanced people are suddenly overtaken by the psychotic belief they are The Messiah. Id be curious to know if the white coats at the local funny farm ever suspect, even momentarily, that todays admitted might finally be The One? And what will happen on that fine day when some screaming lunatic strapped to a gurney IS The One?

The Three Christs of Ypsilanti was a case study done by a psychologist (with a well-tuned sense of humor) to put three of these maniacs in the same room. All three of the messiahs believed the other two were nucking futs. (a good read on the subject: www.slate.com)

While the odds of Jesus' central prophecy --that his return would happen DURING the lifetime of some of those present when he made the prophecy-- isn't as "spectacular" as Corki might hope, 0 is still a number that we can learn from.
0-- the number of historical documents Corki will be able to use to verify the truth of any biblical prophecy.
0--a number never used in the bible because the ignorant, superstitious, violent, raciest tribesmen who wrote the bible knew very little about anything of any importance including, but not limited to, math.
0--the number of natural phenomenon the bible is able to explain better than science.

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