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Why can't you worry about both?
prevent the planet from becoming uninhabitable.

#56 | POSTED BY SPEAKSOFTLY AT 2015-02-12 04:19 PM | REPLY | FLAG

Currently the Obama Doctrin Demands ALL followers submit to Global Warming, Cooling and or Changing as the top supreme threat to every human on the planet, anything else WILL BE secondary to the Weather.
It's much eaiser to control the masses when you have all of your followers looking out the window and watching the weather instead of scrutenizing all of your failed polices and scandles.

EXAMPLE: Looking at current events we can all see Israel is under constant attack from Rockets, missles, morters, suicide bombers and so forth, meanwhile Iran continues to build a Nuclear weopon and openly calls for the complete and total destruction of Israel all day everyday.

QUESTION: In the above example you are a JEW in Israel should you be more concerned about being instantly killed or wiped out by the Arab Nations that surrond you and openly call for war A.S.A.P OR Slow Motion Rising Sea Levels.

If your answer has anything to do with the weather Vallery Jarrets advice to Obama worked on you and many others.

A regional nuclear war will not stay regional and the effects will be almost instant for most. Rising Ocean levels could kill people BUT so could a Glacier at the rate of a few inches a year if you just stood there and waited for the pigions to land on your head instead of moving.

Vallery Jarret and Obama have done an excellent job of deflecting away from his inane leadership and policies by utilizing FEAR and deflection to focus on anything except the President and his Failed Policies.


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