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Friday, August 15, 2014

In light of [26] the Declarations filed by the IRS, the IRS is hereby ORDERED to file a sworn Declaration, by an official with the authority to speak under oath for the Agency, by no later than August 22, 2014. In this Declaration, the IRS must:...... check the link...

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Japan "strongly protested" on Wednesday exercises by the Russian military on Pacific islands that have been at the root of strained relations between the countries since the end of World War II. The exercises on the disputed islands are a blow to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's efforts to court resource-rich Russia and keep the door open to dialogue, despite the Ukraine crisis. The islands are known as the Southern Kuriles in Russia and the Northern Territories in Japan. Russia seized them in the waning days of World War II. "Carrying out this sort of exercises in the Northern Territories is totally unacceptable," Abe told reporters. read more

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

POLITICO review shows that the Obama administration has hired about 70 previously registered corporate, trade association and for-hire lobbyists. And many of these former lobbyists work at the highest levels of government.

Take Broderick Johnson, who is a top aide to Obama as a liaison between federal agencies and the White House. He's the husband of NPR anchor Michele Norris and is known to be close to Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder. Until 2011, Johnson was a well-known Democratic lobbyist for companies including Microsoft, Pearson, Globalstar, Comcast and FedEx. Then he disappeared from the lobbying rolls.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A candlelight vigil for a young unarmed black man who was fatally shot by a suburban St. Louis police officer was followed by unrest as crowds looted and burned stores, vandalized vehicles and taunted officers who tried to block access to parts of the city. Nearly three dozen people were arrested after tensions erupted following a candlelight vigil Sunday night for 18-year-old Michael Brown, who police said was unarmed when he was shot multiple times Saturday in a scuffle with an officer in Ferguson. read more

Monday, August 11, 2014

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki accused the country's president of committing a "clear constitutional violation" and stationed troops at strategic positions in Baghdad after giving a tough speech on television. Maliki has refused to bow to pressure to abandon his bid for a third term. President Fuad Masum, a Kurd, has refused to ask Maliki to form a new government in Iraq. U.S. State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf said Sunday, "The United States fully supports president Fuad Masum in his role as guarantor of the Iraqi constitution." A report on the Pundit Press blog called Maliki's actions a coup: "Now his forces are seizing government buildings in Iraq, have closed the airport, and are surrounding the Green Zone. His speech refusing to step down occurred at midnight and was followed by the military action." read more


And you really think that something on that list justifies the use of deadly force against a teenager with his hands raised in the air?

If thats all he did when told... but he did that after he was shot.....


The victim doesn't have to be armed, and doesn't even have to present an immediate threat. Instead, if an officer believes that there's no other way to make the arrest happen, and also believes that the suspect has attempted to commit a felony, the officer is justified in using deadly force. If a cop wants to arrest someone, and has a "reasonable" belief that the person has even tried to commit a felony, he or she is allowed to kill.

The question is going to be did Wilson know about the attempted felony.

Or does it matter, trying to disarm an officer is also a felony.

Lehmberg .23 BA level... .Class A mis...


Had to be restrained..

Dash Cam...

You make the call....

Plenty of people/organization asked her to resign...

Data point......

WEST VILLAGE (PIX11)– Authorities are looking for two men who teamed up to punch a 72-year-old man walking on a West Village sidewalk.

Seriously. I think she was Indian, from the sound of her name. What do you think?

It would be racist to infer....

This is hilarious, because when a black man carries a weapon at a TeaParty rally or at an Obama protest....

He's a gun nut....

Go home with your faux outrage...

Regarding: Studies have shown that police are more likely to shoot unarmed black suspects than unarmed white ones. A white man with a gun is assumed to be a law-abiding patriot, while a black man with a gun is assumed to be a lawless thug..

Please produce studies, not just quote them.....

They are no better or worse than the general public..

The Police Officer's Dilemma:
Using Ethnicity to Disambiguate Potentially Threatening Individuals

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