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Thursday, January 29, 2015

The world has entered an era of "peak food" production with an array of staples from corn and rice to wheat and chicken slowing in growth -- with potentially disastrous consequences for feeding the planet. New research finds that the supply of 21 staples, such as eggs, meat, vegetables and soybeans is already beginning to run out of momentum, while the global population continues to soar. Peak chicken was in 2006, while milk and wheat both peaked in 2004 and rice peaked way back in 1988, according to new research from Yale University, Michigan State University and the Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research in Germany. What makes the report particularly alarming is that so many crucial sources of food have peaked in a relatively short period of history, the researchers said. read more

The best team in the league has been penalized so many times (416) in the last three seasons that I'm pretty sure the fluorescent yellow trim on the Seahawks uniforms is actually just residue from all the penalty flags. Still, Seattle's success isn't in spite of all the penalties. It's inspired by it.


Inside "Law & Order: NFL," the Seahawks have found a way to make penalty flags meaningless while rendering the ultimate authority of officials little more than an illusion.

Let that soak in for a minute.


This all started last year, of course, when the Seahawks revolutionized pass interference by using the same logic loophole that offensive linemen have been exploiting for years with holding. The idea is: you hold on almost every play, knowing the refs won't throw 50 flags per game. If everything is holding, the thinking goes, then nothing really is. Brilliant.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The all-new, all-female Ghostsbusters are here.

Melissa McCarthy, who was already in talks for one of the leads, has signed on for the Paul Feig-directed reboot, and the studio is now negotiating with Kristen Wiig, as well as "Saturday Night Live" players Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. Negotiations are ongoing but the quartet are expected to sign on as the specter-seeking, poltergeist-punishing and phantom-phollowing foursome in the reboot, which is eyeing a summer shoot in New York.

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And she gets high marks for her "fashion diplomacy," as she engages with foreign leaders at home and abroad. Her choice to go with a suit rather than a dress for the first time at this year's State of the Union address "was a glimpse of the self-aware, tough-minded, straight-talking lawyer who took a brief hiatus from the public eye," according to Robin Givhan.

So it is with Obama's attire in Saudi Arabia -- a country with a very strict dress code for Saudi women, who can't drive and exist under a system of male guardianship.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

About 60 percent of the job creation in 2014, 1.8 million jobs, they find, can be attributed to the end of the extended-benefits program. That's a huge amount, and suggests that long-term unemployment benefits, while there's a good charitable case for them, could have played a big role in the ongoing lassitude of our labor market. (Indeed, an earlier working paper from a few of the same authors argued that extended benefits raised the unemployment rate during the Great Recession by three percentage points; see a summary of that paper here.)

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Remember when Liberals said "You can't drill our way to lower gas prices".....

good times...

Capitalism not only did that but struck at the heart of all our enemies, and has started to right our economy. All without the help of "dictator" Obama.

He really is schooling Obama on policy.
#3 | POSTED BY 726

Perhaps the citizens of Crimea have a different opinion. Hows that whole ISIS thing going? Is fanatical Islam growing or shrinking?
Obama is in the corner with the dunce hat.

Hugo Chávez was elected President of Venezuela four times from 1998 through 2012 and was admired and supported by a large majority of that country's citizens, largely due to his policies that helped the poor.

Hows that working out for the poor now?

Its exports are 96% petroleum related. In otherwords, Chavez was raping nature to pay for a socialized fantasy land that never came, the poor are the ones hurting the most.

That is how socialist doit... Putin, Iran, ISIS promise the same thing... a fantasy land built on raping Nature, and you guys complain about the capitalists...

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