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Tuesday, October 04, 2016

The Obama administration is moving to dismiss charges against an arms dealer it had accused of selling weapons that were destined for Libyan rebels.

Lawyers for the Justice Department on Monday filed a motion in federal court in Phoenix to drop the case against the arms dealer, an American named Marc Turi, whose lawyers also signed the motion.
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The deal averts a trial that threatened to cast additional scrutiny on Hillary Clinton's private emails as Secretary of State, and to expose reported Central Intelligence Agency attempts to arm rebels fighting Libyan leader Moammar Qadhafi.

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Sunday, October 02, 2016

A Florida doctor is under fire for a commercial warning men who are considering voting for Hillary Clinton that they might have low testosterone levels. WBBH's Nestor Mato reports.

"Since our kids kneeled at the football game last week, there's been a lot of racial tension in the community," said parent Dee Green. "Never would I have expected that students, or even families, would have taken it as far as wearing Ku Klux Klan paraphernalia to the school."

However, it turns out that under those sheets were three minority students. The school district said two are hispanic and one was middle eastern.

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Hacked audio of a conversation between Hillary Clinton and donors during a February fundraising event shows the Democrat nominee describing Bernie Sanders supporters as "children of the Great Recession" who are "living in their parents' basement."

Speaking at a Virginia fundraiser hosted by former U.S. ambassador Beatrice Welters, Clinton says in a clip released by the Free Beacon that many of her former primary opponent's supporters sought things like "free college, free health care," saying that she preferred to occupy the space "from the center-left to the center-right" on the political spectrum.

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Friday, September 30, 2016

Fewer people are watching the NFL on TV, and no one really knows why. The NFL Players Association admits that the trend is an obvious concern. The league has kept quiet, likely fearful that talking about the situation would lend credence to the dynamic, possibly causing other fans who are still watching the games to say, "Maybe I should stop, too." The decline has become a mystery, for the media and surely for the NFL. The league's failure to discipline more aggressively players who have engaged in off-field misconduct possibly has turned off some fans. A perception that the league reacts too heavy-handedly in other matters (like #DeflateGate and the Saints bounty scandal) could cause others to think the NFL hopes to steer certain teams toward success and to make it harder for others to succeed. read more


Do you, like Donald Trump, believe that Vets with PTSD are not strong and they cannot handle it?
Yes.. or... No.

Its not what Trump believes, nor is it what he said, the media has gone deep end in its contextomyof this and the taxes, there's no changing your mind I am sure.

Here is the full unedited quote, its not so bad...

Even the guy that asked the question is wondering what its all about.

Chad Robichaux, Marine staff sgt who asked Trump about PTSD: "I took his comments to be thoughtful and understanding of the struggles..." pic.twitter.com/wDvlRrh1MD -- Jennifer Jacobs (@JenniferJJacobs) October 3, 2016

Finally the story's headline was changed after two days and leaked audio, to better attack Trump.
politico changes headline two days after

a) don't know Played'oh wants to put 30,000 troops on the ground in Iraq and Syria

If he does, which I doubt, Obama already has 5,000 in harms way, in Iraq without a SOFA. Read that again WITHOUT a SOFA.

Kinda knocks that whole leaving Iraq because we don't have a SOFA argument on its --- doesn't it.

ISIS is Obama's baby....

But I do know we need a president who brings us together and keeps us unified.

Note the underlying threat of violence should Hillary lose.

I hear this a lot these days, from rabid Hillary sycophants. I read even BLM threatened violence.

Whats interesting its what the left said Obama would be a, unifier, yet here we are. What is really interesting Hayek said divisiveness would happen, given a socialist leaning government. Where there are more government employees than manufacturing workers....

As America has become more socialist, we are seeing the balkinisation that comes with more socialistic government especially given racial diversity.

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