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Monday, August 24, 2015

Washington (CNN)Vice President Joe Biden received President Barack Obama's "blessing" to make a 2016 bid for the White House, according to a senior Democrat.

But that's if Biden chooses to run -- the decision is his. While he doesn't need the President's permission, of course, a potential presidential candidacy was among the topics of their lunch Monday at the White House. The President made clear he would not stand in his way or counsel him against a run, the senior Democrat said.

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MADISON, Wis. -- Democratic U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore says that Republican Gov. Scott Walker's policies are "tightening the noose, literally, around African Americans."

Moore made the comment during a conference call Monday to discuss Walker's campaigning for president in South Carolina.

Moore is black and represents Milwaukee in Congress. She says Walker's opposition to raising the minimum wage, requiring voters to show photo identification at the polls, and requiring drug testing for public aid recipients disproportionately hurts African Americans.

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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Conflicting accounts of when data was removed from Hillary Clinton's private server indicate copies of emails known to contain classified information may reside on a device other than the one presently in FBI custody.

She may have printed 55,000 pages of emails for submission to the State Department from a different device than the one presently in FBI custody.

Platte River Networks, the company that managed Clinton's email network after she stepped down from her post as secretary of state, indicated it transferred data off the original server in mid-2013.

An attorney for Platte River said there is likely "no useful data" remaining on the server. read more

Friday, August 21, 2015

There were bodega cats, there were bookstore cats, and now: there are classroom cats.

Bubba, a chill feline in San Jose, California, lives with his owner Amber Marienthal and her family in a house near Leland High School and Bret Harte Middle School. Though Marienthal says that her family initially tried keeping Bubba as an indoor cat when they first adopted him in 2009, Bubba made it clear from his meowing and wailing that he was definitely an outdoor cat.

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NEW YORK (Reuters) - For months, the U.S. State Department has stood behind its former boss Hillary Clinton as she has repeatedly said she did not send or receive classified information on her unsecured, private email account, a practice the government forbids.

While the department is now stamping a few dozen of the publicly released emails as "Classified," it stresses this is not evidence of rule-breaking. Those stamps are new, it says, and do not mean the information was classified when Clinton, the Democratic frontrunner in the 2016 presidential election, first sent or received it.

But the details included in those "Classified" stamps -- which include a string of dates, letters and numbers describing the nature of the classification -- appear to undermine this account, a Reuters examination of the emails and the relevant regulations has found.

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From a former @TheJusticeDept official: "Our ridiculous classification rules" are the real problem: http://t.co/zdsAki3KG9 -- Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) August 21, 2015

I wonder if the IRS would accept this as an excuse?

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