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#40 | POSTED BY RIGHTISTRITE AT 2014-12-28 02:03 PM | REPLY | FLAG:

"You let an an empty suit represent you on her ---- qualities rather than what it actually takes to be Alaskan."

While it is true we have some really dumb reps here its not like we all vote that way. I myself worked hard on the Byron Mallott for Governor campaign. When Mallott and Walker joined together on the Unity ticket, I asked Bill Walker if he planned on expanding medicaid in Alaska. He promised me he would so I worked even harder for the Unity ticket.
Only to see headlines in the lower 48 stay things like, "No Democrat running for governor in Alaska". Not that it matters what headlines down south read. It's just goes along with my comment "Alaskan's don't expect the south to understand."

I, and many others worked hard to repeal Aces when Palin pushed for it. Then when Parnell came out with SB21 we worked hard to stop it and then we worked hard to repeal it through a voter mandate. Its hard to campaign against that much special interest money.

Its hard to live in a state where most people here actively vote against they're best interests solely because their marching orders dictate otherwise. Some folks in Kansas can relate.

Its equally frustrating when speaking to folks in the lower 48 the conversation starts and stops with the PFD. There's more to Alaskan politics than a Permanent Fund Dividend.

Schools are losing funding and people are getting laid off. The middle class is getting squeezed out. But hey, no sympathy from us because you get a PFD. Or remember Palin? Its your fault Alaska, cry a river, build a bridge and get over it. How about next time you vote democratic? We did, but news outlets down south don't focus on the Unity ticket. Only that there isn't a D on the top of the campaign ticket. A republican in any other state is a democrat here. A republican here is a crazy homeless person ranting and raving on the street corner in any other state.

#20 | POSTED BY RIGHTISTRITE AT 2014-12-27 03:08 AM | REPLY | FLAG

You're posts are usually my favorite to read here. You must be having an off day. PFD's are not what people are concerned with. Its pretty lame that that is what the lower 48 can boil this all down too.


In the same way lower oil prices make sanctions on Iran, Russia and other nation states more effective, the same is true in Alaska. Its an owner state. Simply put, The recourse, oil, timber, fishing and mining belong to the residents of Alaska. "Communist" dream is up for your interpretation. I once met Victor Fischer, arguably the most important man in Alaskan history. Hardly a communist then again anyone can qualify as a card carrying pinko these days.
If republicans practiced what they preach and new anything about fiscal responsibility Kansas and Alaska wouldn't be in these Extratuff times. Fact.
There are working families in remote villages, industry, retail shops, mom and pop shops all suffering because of bad tax codes and republican governance. Fact. Break it down to "ohh poor communist Alaskans don't get their PFD"s booh effing whooo." Middle class families are getting pinched and we don't expect you to understand cause gas prices are low you can go for a drive with your sweety and mow your lawn without breaking the bank. I don't have a yard and there is only 40 miles of road where I live. The gas prices here havent changed. Dutch Harbor Unalaska gas prices are still over $5.00 a gallon. We don't expect you to understand.

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