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#12 Boaz: Problem is, to compromise to the left, I would have to give up some or all of a right.

In the real world, I love telling strident gun control supporters that we've seen tens of thousands of gun control laws passed over the past 40+ years. Most don't believe it. Some are so ignorant they think one can buy any kind of weapon they want thru the mail or with no paperwork from a gun dealer or 'gun show'.

Remember when guns and ammo could simply be ordered through the mail? No background check, no paperwork, just send the money and your local friendly mailman would drop off your Garand rifle. But in the name of 'compromising' that ended in 1968.

No interstate sales of handguns. No purchases without filling out a 4473 form (lying on it is a felony, whether the gun purchase goes through or not). Magazine restrictions in many locations. No sales of scary-looking firearms in many locations (based on nothing more than looks, not lethality or actual firepower). Registration of firearms in many locations - which HAS RESULTED IN CONFISCATION multiple times already. Imports stopped by a stroke of a federal pen.

Yet somehow gun owners are supposed to just budge a few more inches and that is all they want. Me, I don't want a single bit more compromising. I'm glad to see some states who have actually LIBERALIZED their concealed carry laws and started repealing some of the idiotic, non-crime-fighting measures sold as 'gun control'.

Will John Walsh do better than Piers Morgan? Anybody could! I'll see what he proposes but if it is more of the stuff we've seen from groups like Mayors Against... sold as 'common sense measures', the NRA and others will hopefully stop it cold.

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