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#29 Sheepleschism: "There has to be a middle ground somewhere."

We already have a few, national 'middle ground' measures in place, like instant background checks. All the other 'middle ground' stuff I've heard from the anti-gun crowd are lots more restrictions on the law-abiding gun owners.

" A good start would be to ban the assault style weapons"

Already tried. Not only is banning a weapon based on the 'style' stupid, ignorant and does absolutely nothing to do with lethality, the AW ban did nothing to alter the crime rate. Apparently Hillary hasn't got that bit of news and still brays the benefits of another AW ban.

" and large magazines. Maybe even limit ammo capacity to 3 shots and gun ownership to 2-3 different weapons. "

Just read a recent story of a cop who faced an armed perp and ended up shooting 33 rounds before the perp stopped shooting at him. Thirty-three rounds until the perp was physically unable to shoot. Would you guarantee that a armed homeowner would never face such a perp? Or that multiple perps would not attack a homeowner or a gun owner who is travelling?

I have friends who were hunting once and 'engaged' (their words) a herd of wild hogs. The guy who killed the most hogs was carrying a semi-auto rifle with multiple high-capacity magazines. The other guy got off 5 rounds when his bolt-action rifle went empty. The hogs were running all around them and several tried to attack. Whether the threat has two legs or four legs, I want enough ammo to end the attack without spilling my vital body fluids on the ground.

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