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#24 Kanrei: "Maybe you need a lesson or two if you think Allah and G-d are two different things."

I'd strongly disagree with your statement. See this quick link for a brief answer (I disagree with some of their other positions, btw):


There was at least one translation of the NT that avoided using 'Allah' for 'God' in Arabic ... because it might lead some readers to think that the Christian God was the same as the God of Islam. Can't recall right now - I was made aware of this by a Christian missionary who spoke fluent Arabic and has spent decades living in Muslim countries.

There is also a significant difference in the meaning of the name 'Allah' that poses problems for Christians, but I don't have my written notes available on that and will simply toss it out for discussion or rebuttal.


Both violent crime and property offenses dropped at roughly the same rate -- slightly more than 4%--from 2012, the FBI's Uniform Crime Report found, part of a precipitous drop that began more than two decades ago.

Reductions in violent crime were registered in every category: murder was down 4.4%; ; robbery, 2.8%; aggravated assault, 5%; and rape, 6.3%, compared with 2012.

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