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#183 ----> Christians have a hard time figuring this out...

No. If you'd go back and read the history of the early Christian church, you would see that they 'figured it out' and it quickly became church doctrine. Most objections against Christianity today are not original at all.

----> Haven't found a Christian yet on this thread who could answer RATIONALLY to any of these questions.

The capitalized word from your quote is your weasel word to get out of accepting what many previous posters have said.

----> If Jesus was the son of God and Jesus existed before Mary was born---who was the mother of Jesus?

We went through this before when you were using the English word 'Firstborn' without any clue to the understanding behind the TWO GREEK WORDS that have been translated as such from the New Testament. One of those words means Firstborn in position, not birth order or coming into existence. I did some research the last time and pointed it out plainly to you. And no, I will not do your homework again.

----> Christians can't even read and understand the above sentence.

Yes, we can read and understand the above sentence, but since you don't like (or understand) the answers you have gotten, it is pointless trying to enlighten you. However, I will dive in just a little bit.

----> What was the relationship between God and Jesus before Mary was born?

Jesus was a part of the Trinity, such that He, God (the Father) and the Holy Spirit existed throughout eternity past and into eternity future, as what is often called the Trinity or the Godhead (note Christianity defines that word much differently than do several other non-Christian religions).

----> In what way was Jesus the Son of God any more than any other human male?

He existed as part of God prior to His INCARNATION (that is, coming in the flesh) through birth via Mary. After His Death, He ascended into Heaven to once again exist with God. I am simplifying some concepts for brevity but you could talk to any competent second year seminary undergrad and get more detail.

Further note: When Jesus said "I am" in John chapter 8, he was alluding to God (the Father's) use of the same term when speaking to Moses in the book of Exodus. That is a classic theological example of both Jesus' identifying Himself directly with an eternal God and also His pre-existing prior to His birth via Mary

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