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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

One of the more obscure anniversaries celebrated internationally, 12th January is known as James Bedford Day by those in the cryonic community. It marks the anniversary of the first ever successful cryonic freezing fifty years ago.

Bedford made clear to his immediate family his wishes to be frozen in the hope of eventual reanimation. Immediately following Bedford's death, the attending physician applied artificial respiration and heart massage to the patient to maintain the circulation of oxygenated blood. At the same time, steps were taken to gradually cool the body with ice.

Later, three experts from the Cryonics Society of California injected the patient with DMSO, a chemical preservative solution. The body was then transferred to Cryo-Care Equipment Corporation in Phoenix, Arizona, where Dr. Bedford's body was submerged in a cryocapsule, essentially a tank (sometimes called a dewar) which preserved him in a minus 106 degree centigrade bath of liquid nitrogen.




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After twenty-two years, Bedford's dewar started to suffer technical problems. Researchers were left with no choice but to transfer the deceased doctor to a new unit. Remarkably, during the transfer procedure the team observed that Bedford remained still frozen and in good condition. The process had worked.

Two years ago, the AlcorLife Extension Foundation controversially claimed that Bedford, born in 1893, was the longest surviving person on the planet. Technically it's a grey area, legally Bedford is not alive, but neither is he officially dead. AlcorLife contend that as long as he remains in the state of cryopreservation, Bedford should be considered as surviving. Whether he can ever actually be revived however, which was the ultimate aim of his cryonic preservation, remains to be seen.


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Welcome to the 24th century, Mr. Day. So, what's it like on the other side?

G-g-g-godmaned c-c-c-cold.

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When will they thaw out Walt Disney?

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