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Monday, October 17, 2016

Charles Blow, New York Times: Donald Trump has virtually stopped trying to win this election by any conventional metric and is instead stacking logs of grievance on the funeral pyre with the great anticipation of setting it ablaze if current polls turn out to be predictive. There is something calamitous in the air that surrounds the campaign, a hostile fatalism that bespeaks a man convinced that the end is near and aiming his anger at all within reach. As his path to victory grows narrower, his desperation grows more pronounced. These are the ravings of a lunatic. Trump is back to carelessly shooting off his mouth and recklessly shooting himself in the foot. It is sad, really, but for him I have no sympathy. He has spent this entire election attacking anyone and everyone whom he felt it would be politically advantageous to attack. Trump, now that you're under attack, you want to cry woe-is-me and have people commiserate. Slim chance, big guy.



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Trump is in fact the logical extension of toxic masculinity and ambient misogyny. He is the logical extension of rampant racism. He is the logical extension of wealth worship. He is the logical extension of pervasive anti-intellectualism.

Trump is the logical extension of the worst of America.

Trump is fundamentally altering American politics -- coarsening them, corrupting them, cratering them. And America, particularly conservative America, has only itself to blame.

Republicans sowed intolerance and in its shadow, Trump sprang up like toxic fungi.


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To my eyes and ears, Mr Trump has stopped talking about the good things he brings to the table, and has started to significantly increase the talk about the bad things fmr Sec of State Clinton brings to the table. I think Mr Trump is trying to make a very big deal about fmr Pres Clinton's women and sexual misdeeds in an attempt to discourage women from going to the polls.

I think that Mr Trump now knows he cannot win this election by winning over more voters, so now he is trying to discourage voters from supporting fmr Sec of State Clinton.

If Mr Trump can discourage enough voters from going to the polls and supporting fmr Sec of State Clinton, then he may be able to prove the polls wrong and win the election.

#1 | Posted by LampLighter at 2016-10-17 04:50 PM | Reply

The first special on ------------ TV- Hannity and Ailes, "The Airing of Grievances", followed by Pat Robertson challenges Donald in Feats of Strength, with the finale, a good gripping of Drumpf's surprisingly yuge "festivus" Pole.

#2 | Posted by northguy3 at 2016-10-17 04:57 PM | Reply

yea, a fatalistic cry-baby approach takes
on an air of wearing a big red target on
the back of his $2222 suits. What
a disapointment to the rank and file GOP
that we couldn't go to the knife fight
with a gun.

#3 | Posted by hobart at 2016-10-17 05:23 PM | Reply

The real question isn't whether Trump has been trying to "win". Rather, the question is "what" has Trump been trying to win. Because it has seemed pretty clear from Day 1 that it hasn't been the presidency.

#4 | Posted by moder8 at 2016-10-17 05:41 PM | Reply

Not everyone with a big mouth is a warrior.
And sadly, that fact doesn't make the alternate any more worthy.
When will the amerikan public wake up and get tired of these meaningless charades with whole stages full of wooden headed puppets?

#5 | Posted by JayClark at 2016-10-17 05:54 PM | Reply

Hobart @3: I have long said that I think that the Republicans (when they are Republicans) have a slightly better claim upon the attention of the thinking person--though they are in need of the best features from the other side to make themselves whole. (The same is of course true of the other side--all heart with no head is just asking for trouble. And, both need a refresher course in the language and significance of the Constitution!) My problem is that I can't find a Republican--just like here in Arizona where we have plenty of hats but no Cowboys.
Last cycle the Right stabbed Ron Paul in the back and because of that we got a double dose of Obama. This stupidity also proved that they preferred a Democrat over someone from the Right who was not in all ways a defender of their version of the status quo--and at the same time they proved that the parties are two meaningless names attached to one elitist agenda.
In a word, I guess I am trying to say that the Republicans are the authors of their own "disappointment." How stupid they are in being unwilling to look at themselves in the mirror.

#6 | Posted by JayClark at 2016-10-17 06:11 PM | Reply

Reply to Lamplighter and others: Knowing better than anyone else his own checkered history with women, Trump was stupid to hit the sexual abuse issues around the Clintons.
There is a second reason. The ethics of amerika Christians is itself nasty and focused entirely on the --------. Yes, of course it is stupid and superficial, but there is a nasty Pauline Inquisitor lurking somewhere in the dark heart of most recipients of Pulpit Christianity. Most have never had a high thought--though they're hell on the petty weaknesses of their neighbors, eh? Jesus admonished them to "pray in the closet," but it seems like most of them spend an equal amount of time in their neighbor's bedrooms.

#7 | Posted by JayClark at 2016-10-17 06:22 PM | Reply

Trump never was trying to win 'by any conventional metric'. That's one of the things that makes the fact he's been close at times so disturbing about Hillary. If the Republicans had nominated a competent candidate, she'd be toast.

#8 | Posted by Whatsleft at 2016-10-17 06:48 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

Trump already won.

He mascaraed as a Republican.

Joined their primaries.

Belittled, mocked, and ridiculed all the other nominees.

Played by his own rules.

Won the Republican Primaries.

Destroyed the Republican Party's reputation with its voters.

And handed Hillary the Presidency.

He's done.

Now he has a month left.

Before he starts his media empire.

#9 | Posted by ClownShack at 2016-10-17 07:05 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

Trump is a old hillary supporter I think he only ran to get her elected.

#10 | Posted by tmaster at 2016-10-17 07:05 PM | Reply



RE #10

Tmaster isn't even trying to make sense anymore.

Trumpus is trying to help her by trying to destroy her reputation?

With friends like that who needs enemies?

#11 | Posted by donnerboy at 2016-10-17 07:11 PM | Reply

Clownshack: Its one theory--as good as the one that says that he really thinks he has what it take to be President of the United States. Of course the "evil genius" behind such a plan would really have to be a genius. Possible though.
Not that any of the other candidates have the intelligence and moral fiber to adequately hold the Office. We've had none since Kennedy, Paul maybe, if he had been more of a warrior and willing to go Third Party. Instead he stayed with those who stabbed him in the back. Never wise.

#12 | Posted by JayClark at 2016-10-17 07:13 PM | Reply

Not that any of the other candidates have the intelligence and moral fiber to adequately hold the Office. We've had none since Kennedy,

JFK was smarter and more moral than Carter? Naw.

#13 | Posted by northguy3 at 2016-10-17 10:05 PM | Reply

Drumpf is a old hillary supporter I think he only ran to get her elected.


Except for his testing the waters back in 2012, I wouldn't be surprised if he was put up to it by his friends, the Clintons. Then when he saw how easily leadable the GOP mouthbreathers are, started to take his run seriously.

Remember, he changes political Parties even more often than he changes wives.

#14 | Posted by northguy3 at 2016-10-17 10:09 PM | Reply

Trump has already won. Even if he loses the election. Hillary will be forever known as a primary rigging, corrupt, lying, FOIA evading, warhawking, coldhearted NeoCon. Forever.

And nothing CTR or her hacks do will ever change that. The MSM can ignore it, but its right there for anyone that wants to see. Her "wiped clean, like with what? A rag?" emails. Her private server that "didnt hold classified information" that held classified information. Her extreme carelessness. Her lies about her health. Her lies about the "doughnations" made to her. Her insinuations that an 11year girl lusted over homeless grifter....




#15 | Posted by aescal at 2016-10-18 01:55 AM | Reply



Those that believe all that stuff have already been believing it forever.Okay, the Hillary was a good attorney, so we shouldn't vote for her is kind of new, but it's sinking to the desperate "we got nothin'" level.

#16 | Posted by northguy3 at 2016-10-18 06:30 AM | Reply

Trump is using these appearances to lay the groundwork for him not losing, but rather the election being stolen from him.

In his little mind, he cannot be the loser, he has to be the victim. It is the only way his head does not explode.

He cannot bully his way to victory like he did in the primaries and he cannot accept defeat.

#17 | Posted by 726 at 2016-10-18 07:55 AM | Reply

Just a few more dollars from the saps who attend his rallies and this whole presidential campaign will prove to be a financial positive for Dumpster. That's what I call winning!

#18 | Posted by catdog at 2016-10-18 08:33 AM | Reply

But sadly neither qualify a candidates for POTUS. We need to look seriously at third parties though not a timid Gary Johnson.

#19 | Posted by JayClark at 2016-10-18 11:49 AM | Reply

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