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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Wisconsin plays LSU today in college football, bringing back memories of the planned games between the schools in 1957-58 that never happened. Wisconsin boycotted the games because of a 1956 Louisiana law that prohibited integrated sports contests. "It was a disappointment," said Sidney Williams, Jr., Wisconsin's starting quarterback and the first black quarterback in the Big Ten. "We did the right thing, but it was disappointing because we both had such good teams." The Louisiana law had roots in the 1956 Sugar Bowl contest in New Orleans where LSU lost to a Pittsburgh team that featured Bobby Grier, a black running back. The next legislative session, Louisiana state lawmakers overwhelming passed a measure to "outlaw social events and athletic contests including both [blacks] and whites."


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Bad old days.......


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How about that kicker Wisconsin has 5'11" 231 lbs Rafael Gagliaone from Brazil. Kicks a 51 yard field goal with plenty of distance to spare. Not to mention he has a few dance moves.

#1 | Posted by SLBronkowitz at 2014-08-30 10:18 PM | Reply | Flag:

Really stretching to find more articles on racism, must not let go of dem talking points!

#2 | Posted by MSgt at 2014-08-31 01:04 AM | Reply | Flag:

Most people don't remember segregation; separate and not equal water fountains and public restrooms. Not to mention lunch counters, wages, and medical treatment along with many civil rights limits.

Changing history is one thing, but it turns out that people actually learning from it is something else.

#3 | Posted by Corky at 2014-08-31 01:40 AM | Reply | Flag:

Don't like being reminded of your grandparents ignorance do you. Sports must have sucked when it was all white. Glad I wasn't around for that.

#4 | Posted by The_U at 2014-08-31 02:47 AM | Reply | Flag:

Gee, there was actually state sponsored oppression a mere 58 years ago? There's actually people alive today who lived through it?
Think about that the next time you wonder why blacks don't trust the Government and Police to be on their side.

#5 | Posted by TFDNihilist at 2014-08-31 05:56 AM | Reply | Flag:

So what. I use to run the 40 in 4.6.

Just one of many articles you will see trotting of race division and old issues to try to excite the base so the DEMs will not get slaughtered in the fall. Creating more division an animosity.

Screw peace and prosperity - hate and power are all they know.

#6 | Posted by foshaffer at 2014-08-31 08:14 AM | Reply | Flag:

The cancervative are still pissed because they didn't get to lynch James Meredith at Ole Miss.

#7 | Posted by reinheitsgebot at 2014-08-31 08:45 AM | Reply | Flag:

Really stretching to find more articles on racism ...

The teams are playing. It is the perfect time to reflect on what life was like for blacks in the segregated South as recently in the '50s.

I can remember seeing photos of the first black students admitted to my alma mater, the University of North Texas. It also happened in the '50s, and they faced horrendous racist abuse. The photos made me wonder where I'd be today if my grandparents and parents had been denied a chance to attend college.

One of the biggest reasons I'm a college graduate and have done well for myself is because my parents and grandparents attended college and instilled in me the value of higher education. We also could afford a home and a middle-class life in part because of what my dad achieved with his college degree.

#8 | Posted by rcade at 2014-08-31 09:56 AM | Reply | Flag:

In 1978 Notre Dame refused to play basketball against BYU, because of the Mormon Church's policy against Africans holding their precious "priesthood". This so alarmed GOD that he immediately contacted their high priest (aka alleged prophet) (aka Spencer W Kimball President of a "non-profit" Corporation)reversed the policy put in place by Brigham Young. Kimball was actually a decent human being unlike the current anti-gay Mormon President Monson.

Prior to becoming President and alleged prophet of God, Kimball spoke out against the openly racist Mormon Church policies including its scouting program. Some LDS Church-sponsored troops permitted black youths to join, but a church policy required that the troop leader to be the deacons quorum president, which had the result of excluding black children from that role. The NAACP filed a federal lawsuit in 1974 challenging this practice, and soon thereafter the LDS Church reversed its policy.

The beauty of ridding this country of anti-gay policies is it will re-open the door for polygamy. While the Mormon Church has complied with national policy on polygamy, it has never reversed that policy on religious grounds. That is while a Mormon man can have only have one "legal" wife, if she dies before the man, he can marry more than one in "Temple marriages" and supposedly enjoy their companionship as multiple wives in the afterlife. This practice was Joseph Smith's ticket to sexual relations with (48) young girls and older women.

#9 | Posted by nutcase at 2014-08-31 12:02 PM | Reply | Flag:

Gee, there was actually state sponsored oppression a mere 58 years ago? There's actually people alive today who lived through it?
Think about that the next time you wonder why blacks don't trust the Government and Police to be on their side.

#5 | POSTED BY TFDNIHILIST AT 2014-08-31 05:56 AM | FLAG:

Im from Baton Rouge. Born there. Grads parents from there.. I live in New Orleans now. I grew up in the 70s -80s. Even now, it's hard for me to be honest with myself about what I really did see. Civil Rights came and went but enforcement was in full swing. The conversations I was privy to because I was a white kid still stuck in my mind.

#10 | Posted by lfthndthrds at 2014-08-31 12:03 PM | Reply | Flag:

This is a reality that most would rather not look at. About the same amount of time has transpired from the Civil Rights Act 1965 to now and the period of time from the Civil War to WWI. White people no longer feel much sympathy for black people. Many are developing a real disdain for them.

#11 | Posted by docnjo at 2014-08-31 05:38 PM | Reply | Flag:

In 1957 Wisconsin was way ahead of the nation. Six years later the conservative racist George Wallace said "segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever" at his 1963 inauguration as Governor of Alabama.He went on to prevent black kids from attending schools and colleges that were funded by their parents tax-dollars. In the 1960's the Democrat party was infested with conservative racist, who moved to the GOP after passage of the voting rights act. And remain there to this day.

#12 | Posted by SammyAZ_RI at 2014-08-31 05:52 PM | Reply | Flag:

Sorry Sammy ...Do some research. ONLY 1 Democrat southern senator or congressman changed from Democrat to Republican after the civil rights legislation. In addition MORE REPUBLICANS voted for the Civil Rights act than did Democrats.

If that was not enough - Robert "Grand Wizard" Byrd of the KKK

"Byrd served as a U.S. Representative from 1953 until 1959 and as a U.S. Senator from 1959 to 2010. He was the longest-serving U.S. Senator and, at the time of his death, the longest-serving member in the history of the United States Congress..Senate Democratic Caucus from 1967 to 1971 and -- after defeating his longtime colleague, Ted Kennedy -- as Senate Majority Whip from 1971 to 1977. Byrd led the Democratic caucus as Senate Majority Leader from 1977 to 1981 and 1987 to 1989, and as Senate Minority Leader from 1981 to 1987. From 1989 to 2010 he served as the President pro tempore of the United States Senate when the Democratic Party had a majority, and as President pro tempore emeritus during periods of Republican majority beginning in 2001"

But did the Democrats run him out? Nope. Ask for his resignation? Nope THEY PROMOTED HIM. A main stay of the Democratic party up to 2010.

So maybe before you through out comments that have no basis in fact you will do a bit of research. But no liberal does. If they were fluent with facts they would not be liberals.

#13 | Posted by foshaffer at 2014-08-31 10:45 PM | Reply | Flag:

In the 1950's and 1960's the Democrat party was infested with conservative racist, while the GOP had many moderate and liberal members, mostly from the northeast and west coast. They were called Rockefeller Republicans. Since then the GOP has been "purified" and moderates and liberals are no longer wanted in their "big tent"...FACT while the racist Democrats have been welcomed in the GOP with open arms LOL

#14 | Posted by SammyAZ_RI at 2014-08-31 11:21 PM | Reply | Flag:

Sammy. Name two. You may WANT to believe that but that does not make it fact.

In addition look at a picture of Bush's cabinet then look at Obama's.

The facts are staring you in the face.

#15 | Posted by foshaffer at 2014-09-01 08:01 AM | Reply | Flag:

Strom Thurmond
Jesse Helms

#16 | Posted by snoofy at 2014-09-01 01:59 PM | Reply | Flag:

Here's a longer list:


#17 | Posted by WhoDaMan at 2014-09-01 08:02 PM | Reply | Flag:


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