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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Tiffany Bruce of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania had saved up for months to buy a life-size Barack Obama statue for her front porch -- and then someone stole it.

The loss of the statue, which cost a whopping $1,249, sent Bruce to the hospital, WNEP reports.

"I just wanted to wait until I got it on sale, so I started buying my furniture before I purchased the statue, but I had to have it," said Bruce. "I peeked my head out the door and Obama's gone and I kind of went into a panic. I couldn't breathe, and I had to go to the hospital."


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Doesn't even look like Obama.

#3 | Posted by Sully at 2014-08-28 09:56 AM | Reply | Flag:

They could have put Colt 45 in the picture.....but that wouldn't have been nice....

#4 | Posted by eberly at 2014-08-28 10:12 AM | Reply | Flag:

Doesn't even look like Obama.


No, but this guy does:


#5 | Posted by JeffJ at 2014-08-28 10:30 AM | Reply | Flag:

When your Obama obsession gets creepy

Bozo would know.


#6 | Posted by Dave at 2014-08-28 02:13 PM | Reply | Flag: | Newsworthy 1

"Everyone knows that Corky's statue is foam rubber with strategically placed holes."

Cookie's experienced.


#7 | Posted by Dave at 2014-08-28 02:16 PM | Reply | Flag: | Funny: 1

#1 | POSTED BY DEADSPIN AT 2014-08-27 10:40 PM | REPLY | FLAG:

The last sentences of the article make it even more likely:

The Obama statue scare has Bruce thinking over her next purchase: a life-size Hillary Clinton statue. "I was going to get a Hillary too, but I don't want to do it now," she said.

Hahahahahahahaha! You seriously can't make this stuff up!

#8 | Posted by bartimus at 2014-08-28 02:23 PM | Reply | Flag:

Obama obsessions exists on both sides. Some obsess via a wanted poster and other via a blow up doll.

Not sure which is creepier.

#9 | Posted by kanrei at 2014-08-28 02:27 PM | Reply | Flag:

Tiffany Bruce should have put a sign on her Obama statue "If this gets stolen, I will replace it with a statue of Joe Biden". If she did that, the BHO statue would still be on her front porch.

#10 | Posted by path at 2014-08-28 04:18 PM | Reply | Flag: | Funny: 1

If you think her obsession is creepy think back to 2008 when all the right wingers on TV wanted a look at Obama's ---- to see if he was circumcised ostensibly to determine if he was a Muslim.

#11 | Posted by Tor at 2014-08-30 06:53 PM | Reply | Flag:

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