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Sunday, July 20, 2014

James Garner, the understated, wisecracking everyman actor, has died at his Los Angeles home of natural causes. He was 86. Garner starred in two television shows, Maverick in the '50s and The Rockford Files in the '70s, and had big-screen success in The Great Escape, The Americanization of Emily and Victor/Victoria. Asked why he became an actor, Garner told the Los Angeles Times, "What was I qualified to do to make a living? Nothing. You don't need qualifications as an actor or a politician. And I didn't want to be a politician."


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Garner was also a longtime political activist who helped organize the 1963 March on Washington, sitting in the third row during the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech. For his role in the 1985 CBS miniseries Space, his character's party affiliation was changed from Republican to Democrat. Garner joked, "My wife would leave me if I played a Republican."


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A fine example of a gentleman and actor. R.I.P. sir.

#1 | Posted by gracieamazed at 2014-07-20 09:26 AM | Reply | Flag:

We'll not see his like again.

#2 | Posted by Zed at 2014-07-20 10:13 AM | Reply | Flag:

One of my favorite actors. Around my house we still quote the funniest line from Barbarians at the Gate, the movie where he plays a tobacco industry executive trying to prevent a hostile takeover as it develops a smokeless cigarette.

The scene should be here, but YouTube isn't loading for me:


You'll know the line when you hear it.

#3 | Posted by rcade at 2014-07-20 11:09 AM | Reply | Flag:

He seemed like a good dude.


#4 | Posted by lee_the_agent at 2014-07-20 11:21 AM | Reply | Flag:

While watching that video I just realized that my outgoing phone message has been the same 'leave a message and I'll get back to you.' message I've had for years.

#5 | Posted by lee_the_agent at 2014-07-20 11:25 AM | Reply | Flag:

RIP and good riddance, Rockfish.



#6 | Posted by Dave at 2014-07-20 12:36 PM | Reply | Flag:

I enjoyed his shows and his movies. He will be missed.

#7 | Posted by danni at 2014-07-20 12:43 PM | Reply | Flag:

An actor who acted so well it never seemed like acting.

#8 | Posted by Harry_Powell at 2014-07-20 12:51 PM | Reply | Flag: | Newsworthy 1


Bret Maverick: As my old pappy used to say, work is fine for killin' time, but it's a shaky way to make a living.

Never cry over spilt milk. It could've been whiskey.

As my old pappy used to say, "Son, stay clear of weddings because one of them is liable to be your own.

As my old pappy used to say, you can be a gentleman and still not forget all you know about self-defense.

As my old pappy used to say, a man does what he has to do - if he can't get out of it.

Bret: My Pappy always said, "A coward dies a thousand deaths, a hero dies but one." A thousand to one is pretty good odds.



RIP Jim Gardner

#9 | Posted by Corky at 2014-07-20 01:15 PM | Reply | Flag:

James Garner is proof that a mad can be married to the same woman for decades and be cool to four different generations.

#10 | Posted by Tor at 2014-07-20 01:16 PM | Reply | Flag:

He was one of my favorite actor, bummer

#11 | Posted by PunchyPossum at 2014-07-20 06:26 PM | Reply | Flag:

I still watch episodes of Maverick pretty frequently. RIP

#12 | Posted by Whatsleft at 2014-07-20 06:48 PM | Reply | Flag:

If only John McCain would capitalize on Garner in some way, some how..

Anyhow, I named my cat after him. RIP. James, not the cat.

#13 | Posted by redlightrobot at 2014-07-20 07:36 PM | Reply | Flag:

**** Who's Going to answer That Phone Now...Angel Martin?


#14 | Posted by AntiCadillac at 2014-07-20 08:40 PM | Reply | Flag:

C'mon, you guys all know you loved "The Notebook".
R.I.P. Mr. Garner.

#15 | Posted by squinch at 2014-07-20 11:50 PM | Reply | Flag:

"C'mon, you guys all know you loved "The Notebook"."

I completely admit, I loved it.

#16 | Posted by danni at 2014-07-20 11:58 PM | Reply | Flag:

i just saw on a tabloid he and about 9 other celebs in dubious health.
i liked him. He was the favorite, as Rockford, of a late (female) friend.
~ R.I.P. Joan & James ~

#17 | Posted by kenx at 2014-07-21 01:49 AM | Reply | Flag:

Rcade, thanks for the link. Great scene. Always wanted to either read or see "Barbarians" just never got around to it.

#18 | Posted by CrisisStills at 2014-07-21 09:03 AM | Reply | Flag:

I know I'm late on this.
This guy was a class act. Rest in peace, good sir. May there be more like you some day.

#19 | Posted by cbob at 2014-07-21 08:29 PM | Reply | Flag:

From Maverick to the Notebook, his looks and charming likability was tops. The Rockford Files still rock.

#20 | Posted by nutcase at 2014-07-21 10:01 PM | Reply | Flag:

I was a fan.
Maverick didn't come here to lose...

#21 | Posted by 101Chairborne at 2014-07-21 10:45 PM | Reply | Flag:

Oh noez I just learned their no evidence Garner was part Cherokee like he always claimed!

Quick Quick we must hate on him as we alz do Elizabeth Warren!

#22 | Posted by Tor at 2014-07-21 11:55 PM | Reply | Flag:


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