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Saturday, July 19, 2014

A Daytona Beach, Florida, father who walked in on a man sexually battering his 11-year-old son Friday beat the suspect unconscious and bloody, according to a 911 call. "I just walked in on a grown man molesting [my son]," the upset father told a dispatcher. "And I got him in a bloody puddle for you, officer." Raymond Frolander, 18, of Holly Hill was charged with sexual battery by an 18-year-old on a victim under 12 and is being held without bail, Volusia County Branch Jail records show. Frolander admitted the assault, police claimed. "I don




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Nuf said. Yet, the article gets better.

#1 | Posted by et_al at 2014-07-18 11:54 PM | Reply | Flag:

He added, "You are damn lucky boy that I love my God."

Awesome quote. Someone needs to start a kickstarter for the dad. Both he and his son will need a shrink.

#2 | Posted by TaoWarrior at 2014-07-19 12:27 AM | Reply | Flag: | Newsworthy 1

Yes, it does.

/sarcasm on
Yet, once again, we have the Daytona Beach News-Journal "searching the dregs for some low life weirdo that they can claim represents society."
/sarcasm off

#3 | Posted by TheTom at 2014-07-19 12:32 AM | Reply | Flag:

The father was incredibly merciful. I hope his son can manage to heal and live a full life.

#4 | Posted by BruceBanner at 2014-07-19 01:43 AM | Reply | Flag: | Newsworthy 1

For once I agree with Bruce.
I seriously doubt I could have stopped and called police had I encountered that.
Incredible mercy.

#5 | Posted by Diablo at 2014-07-19 04:15 AM | Reply | Flag:

something similar happaned to me as a father. i said *similar*.
violent; not sexual; i was not there as it occurred.

#6 | Posted by ichiro at 2014-07-19 07:40 AM | Reply | Flag:

my initial thoughts were about vigilantism and out of control cops abusing "suspects" and thinking that we will be hearing in the near future about how the dad has a history of violence, etc. but after reading the article I can only say "You go, dad!

#7 | Posted by truthhurts at 2014-07-19 01:39 PM | Reply | Flag:

Asked by the dispatcher if any weapons were involved, the father said "my foot and my fist."

"I didn't proceed to ask him any questions sir," the father said. "He is nice and knocked out on the floor for you. I drug him out to the living room."

The father was not charged in Frolander's beating, police spokesman Jimmie Flynt said.

Yay! A good Florida Flag finally!

#8 | Posted by kanrei at 2014-07-19 01:41 PM | Reply | Flag:

my initial thoughts were about vigilantism and out of control cops abusing "suspects" and thinking that we will be hearing in the near future about how the dad has a history of violence, etc. but after reading the article I can only say "You go, dad!


For a dove like you to say this (I don't mean that as an insult) suggests to me that you put yourself in this dad's shoes and probably asked yourself, "What would I have done?"

#9 | Posted by JeffJ at 2014-07-19 01:45 PM | Reply | Flag:

it didn't help (hurt?) that my daughter came in while I was reading the article.

from the article it was clear that the dad did catch the guy doing the act, the guy even admitted to it. the scumbag should spend the rest of his life in jail

#10 | Posted by truthhurts at 2014-07-19 03:35 PM | Reply | Flag:


#11 | Posted by JeffJ at 2014-07-19 03:38 PM | Reply | Flag:

The dad did what Mike McQueary should have done to Jerry Sandusky. He showed a lot of restraint by not hurting the abuser worse than he did.

It's a tragedy that it went on for three years, though. People need to keep a close eye on everyone in their children's lives. A lot of abuse is perpetrated by people with a relationship to the kid. Here, it was a family friend.

#12 | Posted by rcade at 2014-07-19 10:58 PM | Reply | Flag:

The father fortunately for all did show restraint and thus the cops were not pressured by any group to charge him.

I agree with #12 that a lot of such abuse comes from people with a relationship to the kid. It doesn't pay to be paranoid but it does pay to be concerned.

#13 | Posted by Robson at 2014-07-19 11:14 PM | Reply | Flag:

Even if the father had been charged, he'd have been acquitted by any jury.

#14 | Posted by DCTexan at 2014-07-19 11:27 PM | Reply | Flag: | Newsworthy 1

Would have called 911 to pick up a corpse.

#15 | Posted by zack991 at 2014-07-20 12:39 AM | Reply | Flag:

It was the best move.

Now he'll be alive to deal with being a kiddie molester in prison.

I applaud the father's cruelty.

#16 | Posted by zeropointnrg at 2014-07-20 02:50 AM | Reply | Flag:

Bravo to the Dad.

#17 | Posted by gracieamazed at 2014-07-20 09:02 AM | Reply | Flag:

Yep, the rapist should, but probably won't, get life.
Yet the beating while deserved didn't un-do the crime.
The father & son do need therapy to get their relationship back to normal.

#18 | Posted by kenx at 2014-07-20 04:35 PM | Reply | Flag:

"Justice" would have been skinning the scumbag alive, slowly.

Would be illegal as hell, and RIGHTLY so, but also would be 'justice'.

To many folks are confused about what 'justice' is, that it is often MUTUALLY EXCLUSISE with good law, and why.

Good law does attempt to get as close to justice as possible, but confusing 'law' and 'justice', and not recognizing the conflict between them, is begging for horrid outcome.

#19 | Posted by USAF242 at 2014-07-20 06:55 PM | Reply | Flag:

1. a : the maintenance or administration of what is just especially by the impartial adjustment of conflicting claims or the assignment of merited rewards or punishments.
b : judge
c : the administration of law; especially : the establishment or determination of rights according to the rules of law or equity.

2. a : the quality of being just, impartial, or fair.
b (1) : the principle or ideal of just dealing or right action
(2) : conformity to this principle or ideal : righteousness.
c : the quality of conforming to law.

3. conformity to truth, fact, or reason : correctness.
The act of doing something to hurt someone because that person did something that hurt you or someone else.


#20 | Posted by kenx at 2014-07-20 10:34 PM | Reply | Flag:

Here, it was a family friend.

#12 | Posted by rcade

Sometimes it is the local pastor.

#21 | Posted by donnerboy at 2014-07-20 10:57 PM | Reply | Flag:

Yep, the rapist should, but probably won't, get life.

But what he will experience for whatever years he gets, will seem like more that a lifetime of retribution in the new world of prison life he has to look forward to.

#22 | Posted by path at 2014-07-21 06:40 PM | Reply | Flag:

I think I would have cut off his equipment and shoved them down this throat.

#23 | Posted by Sniper at 2014-07-21 06:55 PM | Reply | Flag:


The definition you posted listed application of law AS justice.

That's the problem.

"Justice" and "Law" are not the same thing. Otherwise YOU are saying that pre-Civil War slave catchers were acting with 'justice'. They absolutely were acting with 'law'.

"Law" and "Justice" are NOT the same thing, and will be in CONFLICT even in a society with good laws.

Good law is guided by an attempt to do justice, but is NOT justice, it is law.

And this does not even bring up the concept of 'order', which often helps justice (and/or law), but in some cases can be actively evil.

#24 | Posted by USAF242 at 2014-07-21 07:58 PM | Reply | Flag:


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