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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

It's really that simple. It seems the morons over at Model Pranksters decided it would behilarious to dress up in a Scream mask and scare people with a fake shotgun. Apparently, these mental midgets never considered that there are concealed carriers and that concealed carriers won't just laugh off having a gun pointed in their direction.


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selling guns in the hood

One of the pranksters is going to get killed eventually.

#1 | Posted by sitzkrieg at 2014-07-15 03:20 PM | Reply | Flag: | Newsworthy 1

When they do and not if, I will not feel sorry for them. I will feel sorry for the person who felt they had to defend themselves and come to find out it is a prank. If they ever have to defend themselves or their family's again they will second guess themselves.

#2 | Posted by zack991 at 2014-07-15 04:05 PM | Reply | Flag:

OK - waiting for antigun nuts....

#3 | Posted by Greatamerican at 2014-07-15 05:03 PM | Reply | Flag:

The entire video is totally FAKE. Nobody was "nearly shot" LOL
Nice try Zack991

But maybe some gullible kids will think that it is a real incident, and if his video prevents even one murder or injury, that's a good thing

#4 | Posted by SammyAZ_RI at 2014-07-15 05:46 PM | Reply | Flag:

Having a gun pointed at you because you pointed a fake shotgun, and only thing that stopped him from nearly getting shot was the gun owner not pulling the trigger

#5 | Posted by zack991 at 2014-07-15 06:40 PM | Reply | Flag:

The "zombie in the hood" guy did get shot at, but the shooter missed.. running away trying to shoot one handed is a surefire way to miss your target and kill somebody else.

#6 | Posted by sitzkrieg at 2014-07-16 08:07 AM | Reply | Flag:

Isn't this literal evidence of a crime? Why anen't these people being visited by the police right now?

#7 | Posted by soheifox at 2014-07-16 10:23 AM | Reply | Flag:

"One of the pranksters is going to get killed eventually."

Nope, it will be a single parent of 3 coming home from his/her 2nd job who will be killed.

Sometimes, Karma cant shoot straight either.

#8 | Posted by oldwhiskeysour at 2014-07-16 11:06 AM | Reply | Flag:

This "prank" is actually assault with a deadly weapon. These dopes should get 10 years.

#9 | Posted by DeadSpin at 2014-07-17 02:11 PM | Reply | Flag:

Pranks involve squirting daisies or shaving cream. They never involve guns.

I like watching tools like these people get punched out, and hopefully killed. Ha ha! Great "prank", I'm glad you're dead...

#10 | Posted by 101Chairborne at 2014-07-17 02:22 PM | Reply | Flag:


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