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Monday, July 14, 2014

A photo on NPR of a parent caregiver holding his 16-year-old, 100-pound disabled son wearing a diaper has sparked debate over its appropriateness. "I'm sure this may be a great story, NPR, but as a person with a disability myself, I'm unhappy with the picture you chose. Did you consider this man's personal privacy when you decided to use the photo?"


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Photographer Andrew Nixon said, "I don't think they were expecting some of the comments on Facebook. Some of the ugly comments about them as a family threw them off. They weren't bothered by the photo at all."


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How is wearing a diaper a bad thing? Long distance truck drivers do it all the time. Remember Lisa Nowak? She was that crazy astronaut that drove from Houston to Orlando in a diaper so she wouldn't waste time? Diapers can be useful.

I don't think using the picture was a bad thing. It gives people an idea of the hardship that caregivers have. It's just another needed aspect of peoples lives that are unfunded and forgotten.

#1 | Posted by lee_the_agent at 2014-07-14 05:03 PM | Reply | Flag:

"Did you consider this man's personal privacy when you decided to use the photo?"

From the looks of it I doubt he was able to legally give his consent.

#2 | Posted by donnerboy at 2014-07-14 05:29 PM | Reply | Flag:

He's a minor, so I imagine his parents' consent suffices.

#3 | Posted by DoofusOfDeath at 2014-07-14 06:27 PM | Reply | Flag:

Talking about it gives credence to retards.


#4 | Posted by rightwingdon at 2014-07-14 07:03 PM | Reply | Flag:

**** Did the US Govt and the US Military consider the "PRIVACY" of the Hundreds of Thousands of INNOCENT People they Murdered in Iraq,Libya and Afghanistan? Talk about Morality!

#5 | Posted by AntiCadillac at 2014-07-15 12:18 AM | Reply | Flag:

If I had a living will, I'd be adding a new clause: "In the name of all that is decent, if I end up in a diaper and can't communicate and you can't kill me without facing murder charges, no diaper pics. For any reason. Ever. Seriously."

#6 | Posted by sully at 2014-07-15 09:53 AM | Reply | Flag:

For what its worth I come from the perspective as a husband of a CNA that works with people in this young man's situation every day, doing the job that his parents are doing. I myself have worked in this facilities and have seen first-hand what is required. In addition my cousin was left with severe brain damage at the age of 4 (he finally passed away at the age of 12) and I watched for years as my aunt and uncle cared for him in the home as these parents do.

The picture was anything but disrespectful. Quite the opposite. There are many parents that can't, and some that won't, do what these parents are doing for there son. I saw nothing but pure love in that picture. It doesn't surprise me that some may find it controversial. Pictures that naturally evoke and portray strong emotion can easily cause that reaction. Some people have difficulty dealing with the emotions evoked for one reason or another that at heart probably has nothing really to do with the picture itself. They might not even be aware of the real reason for the negative feelings that viewing the picture brings out in them.

My heart and praise goes out to the parents of this boy. My kudos go to the photographer for capturing such a poignant and yet uplifting moment that others can share in. My pity and prayers go out to those that have had something in their life so bad that it blocked them from seeing the love and devotion conveyed by this picture and could only see the negative. I hope they find peace in their life.

#7 | Posted by moomanfl at 2014-07-15 11:59 AM | Reply | Flag:

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