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Sunday, July 13, 2014

When Carleigh O'Connell heard that someone had spray painted a message about her body on a cement barrier near the beach in her New Jersey town, the 14-year-old sought out the insulting graffiti and posed with it in her swimsuit. "I wanted to show whoever decided to write that that I was stronger than that," she said. "I didn't put my head down, I didn't cry about it. I didn't give the kids the power they wanted." She asked her mom to post the photo on Facebook, where since Sunday it has been shared over 8,000 times.


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Her mother Daryl Lynn OConnell wrote, "She decided that she was going to be stronger than hurtful words on the concrete and that she was going to be proud of her figure. She also told me that she feels complete sympathy for the teenagers across the country who face this everyday. She understands and wants all of them to find strength inside to rise above the nastiness and be empowered by who you are."


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It's a good thing when people stand up to bullies, be it government aristocrats or their school acquaintances. We need to set examples of behavior that others respect, instead of typically what we have from pols and others which is so "others profit".

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I wonder if she realizes how many people cranked one out to that image. $chan is having a field day about this.

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