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Saturday, July 05, 2014

Christopher S. Parker, TPM: The Republican Party is at war with itself -- and has been since 2010 when several self-styled "insurgents" identified with the Tea Party challenged established Republicans in the primaries. Not all challengers win, but to date upsets by Tea Party challengers have cost the GOP at least seven seats in general elections for the U.S. Senate. This is a source of continuing friction between the officially entrenched and Tea Party factions of the Republican Party, and key policy disputes between the two camps further fuel discord. the rift is now so wide that Senator John S. McCain of Arizona, a pillar of the GOP establishment, has taken to calling Tea Partiers "wacko birds."


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Thanks for bringing us Palin the TP Queen.

#1 | Posted by Tor at 2014-07-05 03:48 PM | Reply | Flag: | Newsworthy 1

It is way to late for Senator Johnny McCain to disassociate himself from the Tea Party. They might be the only people who care what he says anymore. Bomb, bomb, bomb, indeed. Those chickens do come home to roost, and poop all over everything, don't they!

#2 | Posted by RoyaltyBatty at 2014-07-05 03:55 PM | Reply | Flag:

this is old...why are you pulling out this fossil.....

he was NEVER a tea party fav..I CAN tell you that....he was a pathetic alternative to the destruction we are seeing now...

#3 | Posted by afkabl2 at 2014-07-05 04:35 PM | Reply | Flag:

Wacko Birds?

Come on McCain, tell us how you really feel.

Because the rest of us feel the same way.

But as Tor points out, he is personally responsible for giving these "wacko birds" the spot light.


Sleep in the bed you made GOTP.

#4 | Posted by ClownShack at 2014-07-05 04:36 PM | Reply | Flag:

"John McCain Calls Tea Partiers 'Wacko Birds'"

He sang a different tune in '08.

But then, he was running for president, and trying very hard to convince those who became the Tea Party to like him....while also trying very hard to not alienate the independent voter.
He didn't really succeed to well on either count.

#5 | Posted by TheTom at 2014-07-05 04:49 PM | Reply | Flag:

When you Lie with the Dogs don't complain when get fleas.

#6 | Posted by donnerboy at 2014-07-05 05:23 PM | Reply | Flag:

He sang a different tune in '08.

Back then he was a maverick and going all rougey.

Yes, on purpose.

#7 | Posted by northguy3 at 2014-07-05 05:52 PM | Reply | Flag:

"Sleep in the bed you made GOTP."

#4 | Posted by ClownShack


McCain, I think, inadvertently, created a monster when he picked Palin as his running mate back in '08. She was the beginning of all this this kind of mindless ultra right wing crap.

#8 | Posted by shane at 2014-07-05 08:47 PM | Reply | Flag:

McCain is the guy who brought that crazy witch Palin into the forfront. Now wacky people all over think their unlearned ideas deserve a spot at the table. Just look at AFKABL2, in no other modern country in the world would this persons childish gibberish taken seriously. Only in America can completely uniformed extremist be so confident in opening their mouths and proven it.

#9 | Posted by ron81 at 2014-07-05 08:54 PM | Reply | Flag: | Newsworthy 1

I am in favor of smaller government and lower taxes. I have never been too keen on MCCain. I honor his service in the Navy, but he has not been a favorite of mine as a Senator or candidate. Was it Reagan who called for Republicans not to speak ill of other Republicans?

#10 | Posted by Donald at 2014-07-05 09:05 PM | Reply | Flag:

Interesting how politics work. The Tea Party grew out of Ron Paul's presidential run against McCain/Palin. Palin later went on to become a Tea Party darling while McCain has gone on to be held up as what is wrong with the traditional Republican Party.

#11 | Posted by TaoWarrior at 2014-07-05 09:25 PM | Reply | Flag: | Newsworthy 1

The tea party is nothing more than the hard core activist base of the GOP. The election of Obama animated them, it wasn't spending or high taxes, it was Obama. The scary socialist black resident. It's no coincidence this "movement" is strongest and centered in the racist south. There is nothing more to this tea party garbage but racist resentment. If it was a serious group they would have been protesting Bush instead of electing him.

#12 | Posted by ron81 at 2014-07-06 12:55 AM | Reply | Flag:

I love this "conservative civil war", I hope the Republican Party implodes, then we can hope the Democratic Party implodes soon after.

#13 | Posted by aborted_monson at 2014-07-06 12:56 AM | Reply | Flag:

Not likely MONSON.

The GOP is two tectonic plates grinding against each other. Eventually they'll have to merge, (unlikely) dissolve (unlikely) or form a third party (likely) as impatience and frustration forces the Tea Party into more radical positions than they already have.

The Tea Party is 100% convinced they can eventually succeed. In other words, they make the mistake of believing their own press releases. Plus they don't exactly attract the cream of the crop when it comes to members.

Radicals always get their 15 minutes but somehow manage to self-destruct over time. Their fate has already been determined if one believes in history repeating itself.

#14 | Posted by Twinpac at 2014-07-06 03:08 AM | Reply | Flag:

The tea party will end in 2016 when Obama leaves the White House.

A party formed in hatred cannot exist when the source of that haterd no longer exists to empower them.

#15 | Posted by ClownShack at 2014-07-06 08:53 AM | Reply | Flag:


Don't you think they'll double down on Hillary or any Democrat that's in the White House? Their hatred and obstruction seems to be geared toward destroying all Democratic initiatives.

They've even stooped to destroying any member of their own party who gives the slightest appearance of cooperating with a Democratic administration.

I agree that their hatred will be their Waterloo but probably not in 2016. They'll kowtow to their special interest financiers until the money runs out ~ or until they finally become so radically obsessive that they get laughed out of politics by the voters. It's going to take a tad longer for everyoe to catch on. Texas will have to turn blue.

One of the reasons I'm supporting Hillary is because she's more battle-hardened that Obama and has no illusions about expecting cooperation. Obama is much too nice ~ Hillary, not so much.

#16 | Posted by Twinpac at 2014-07-06 09:31 AM | Reply | Flag:

"Don't you think they'll double down on Hillary or any Democrat that's in the White House? Their hatred and obstruction seems to be geared toward destroying all Democratic initiatives"

Yes. They will go after Hillary. This race baiting crap is pathetic.

#17 | Posted by eberly at 2014-07-06 10:07 AM | Reply | Flag:

It was just a handy excuse EBERLY. They'll hate and try to obstruct Hillary just as much as they did Obama. That means 8 more years of attempted obstruction and economic destruction for the USA. Hillary is a tough bird, though. If anybody can break the Tea Party stranglehold on progress, my money is on her.

I'm looking forward to watching her send them packin'.

#18 | Posted by Twinpac at 2014-07-06 11:03 AM | Reply | Flag: | Newsworthy 2

No doubt Hillary can handle it. I think Obama has weathered it well too.

And I wouldn't call the past 6 years "economic destruction". Many economic metrics have improved.

#19 | Posted by eberly at 2014-07-06 11:37 AM | Reply | Flag:


"Many economic metrics have improved."

Yes, I know they have. But just think how much better it could have been if Congress did their job and worked for the good of the country and stood up to the Tea Party blackmail. Boehner and Cantor let it get out of hand. They took the path of cowards.

Obama has done a remarkable job considering.

#20 | Posted by Twinpac at 2014-07-06 01:28 PM | Reply | Flag: | Newsworthy 1


Tea party is unified by their hate for a black man in the White House.

Their smear tactics won't work on the next candidate.

And I doubt Hillary will run for POTUS.

2016. The tea party will fold. I know they got a taste of power and the like it. But. Their base is founded on hate. Without it they have nothing.

#21 | Posted by ClownShack at 2014-07-06 01:46 PM | Reply | Flag:


"Tea party is unified by their hate for a black man in the White House."

Do you really think that's all it is?

The smear campaign against Hillary is already in full swing.

#22 | Posted by Twinpac at 2014-07-06 05:57 PM | Reply | Flag:

"The smear campaign against Hillary is already in full swing."

And Clintonites will use rightwing smears to smear legitimate left critics of Hillary. It's already in full swing.

#23 | Posted by nullifidian at 2014-07-06 06:18 PM | Reply | Flag:

I am no fan of Hillary and don't want her to be president, but the Teahadist movement is based on racism, it is fact!

#24 | Posted by aborted_monson at 2014-07-06 07:19 PM | Reply | Flag:

wacko birds.......palin

nelson...ha ha

#25 | Posted by drewinnj at 2014-07-06 08:09 PM | Reply | Flag:


Not really. The tea party was secretly organized by Dick Army and the Koch Bros. But it soon took on a life of its own, which drew in the Paul's.

#26 | Posted by nutcase at 2014-07-06 08:46 PM | Reply | Flag:

The smear campaign against Hillary is already in full swing.

Waste of time.

#27 | Posted by ClownShack at 2014-07-06 09:22 PM | Reply | Flag:


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