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Sunday, June 15, 2014

After President Barack Obama on intervened Saturday in SEPTA's strike, the union announced that as long as their workers show up for their shifts, Regional Rail service will be restored fully on Sunday. The strike began after negotiations between SEPTA and its engineers and electricians unions failed to reach a new contract deal Friday. Obama on Saturday granted Republican Gov. Tom Corbett's request to create a presidential emergency board to mediate the contract dispute, forcing the 400 union workers to go back. Obama ordered the establishment of the three-member board effective at 12:01 a.m. Sunday and called for "a swift and smooth resolution."


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Since Italian dictator Mussolini claimed that he made the trains run on time, why would the obama not take credit for the same fallacious claim?

#1 | Posted by MSgt at 2014-06-15 12:21 AM | Reply | Flag:

If you like your train, you can keep your train!
If you like your conductor, you can keep your conductor!


Full stop!

#2 | Posted by AndreaMackris at 2014-06-15 12:43 AM | Reply | Flag:

The trains are now running.

And the usual crybabies are complaining with the usual charades and comparisons. This is a win for Big Government. Sorry.

#3 | Posted by Sycophant at 2014-06-15 01:15 PM | Reply | Flag:

This is a win for Big Government.
#3 | Posted by Sycophant

Especially since super tool Corbett had to go running to Obama to get the job done.

#4 | Posted by TFDNihilist at 2014-06-15 01:54 PM | Reply | Flag:

Yeah right. Has anyone tried riding Amtrak's Empire Builder from West to East the past few years? You used to be able to connect to other trains in Chicago, but now you have to buy separate tickets a day apart because they can't even guarantee the connections anymore. Try resolving that issue and then tell me the trains run on time!

#5 | Posted by sentinel at 2014-06-16 12:07 AM | Reply | Flag:

Reagan got the planes flying and I don't recall liberals heralding that achievement.

#6 | Posted by MUSTANG at 2014-06-16 07:40 AM | Reply | Flag: | Newsworthy 2

Reagan was a fascist so who cares?

#7 | Posted by aborted_monson at 2014-06-16 09:28 AM | Reply | Flag:

A union-busting Democrat. Even Zero gets it right on occasion.

#8 | Posted by WhiteDevil at 2014-06-16 10:46 AM | Reply | Flag:

Good postg whi.

#9 | Posted by Sniper at 2014-06-16 12:57 PM | Reply | Flag:

Who did Obama fire?

#10 | Posted by TFDNihilist at 2014-06-16 01:09 PM | Reply | Flag:

You know the answer to that one.

#11 | Posted by Sniper at 2014-06-16 04:36 PM | Reply | Flag:


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