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Friday, January 31, 2014

Jerry Seinfeld on Thursday acknowledged a mini-Seinfeld project is in the works. He, Jason Alexander and Seinfeld show runner Larry David were spotted filming at Tom's Restaurant on New York City's Upper West Side on Jan. 13 when the restaurant, made famous by the top-rated '90s sitcom, was closed for several hours. "It's a secret project," Seinfeld told WFAN's Boomer and Carton show Thursday.





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A big mistake. Reunions are something you should never go to or watch on TV. Trust me, I've never been to one and I'm very happy.

#1 | Posted by DeadSpin at 2014-01-31 01:51 PM | Reply | Flag:

Did you wear the cowboy hat on your spacesuit at yours?

#2 | Posted by Harry_Powell at 2014-01-31 01:58 PM | Reply | Flag:

Great, another unfunny, unentertaining reunion. I can hardly wait.

#3 | Posted by path at 2014-01-31 02:17 PM | Reply | Flag:

While I generally hate reunions, sequels, remakes, etc., I have a very hard time believing that anything involving Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David and Jason Alexander could be unfunny.

It will be funny.

#4 | Posted by JOE at 2014-01-31 03:44 PM | Reply | Flag:


#5 | Posted by Shawn at 2014-01-31 04:00 PM | Reply | Flag:

#4. I would agree. Can't see Jerry doing something not well thought out. Not like he needs the money. My kids (mid-teens) love Seinfeld..should be interesting.

#6 | Posted by drewinnj at 2014-01-31 04:07 PM | Reply | Flag:

" Can't see Jerry doing something not well thought out."

Did you miss the "final episode"?

#7 | Posted by Harry_Powell at 2014-01-31 04:13 PM | Reply | Flag: | Newsworthy 1

seen them all many times, have no issue w/ final

#8 | Posted by drewinnj at 2014-01-31 04:33 PM | Reply | Flag:

Most unfunny Seinfeld ever.

#9 | Posted by Harry_Powell at 2014-01-31 05:28 PM | Reply | Flag:

I didn't like the final episode. I thought it was a let down. I'm a big fan though.

#10 | Posted by mysterytoy at 2014-01-31 07:35 PM | Reply | Flag:

The Seinfeld return to "Curb Your Enthusiasm" was pathetic. But more than any other show on television, Seinfeld is funny the second time around. George's parents are the funniest, followed by Kramer and Newman, George (which most of the show revolves around), then Elaine and last of all Seinfeld. Why did the show get his name?

#11 | Posted by nutcase at 2014-01-31 07:48 PM | Reply | Flag:

I'd rather forget Jerry, and would much more like to remember Julia Dreyfus (Hate hyphens) as she looked years ago.

#12 | Posted by Diablo at 2014-02-01 02:31 AM | Reply | Flag:

the worst of Seinfeld is better than the best of anything else

#13 | Posted by suzycreamcheese at 2014-02-01 07:16 AM | Reply | Flag:

"George's parents are the funniest, followed by Kramer and Newman, George (which most of the show revolves around), then Elaine and last of all Seinfeld."

I think George's parents were the only thing that was funny about that show. Maybe Newman, if he didn't creep me out so much.

I was glad when the show was over. It bored the hell out of me. But being from NYC I see jerks like Jerry, Elaine and George every day.

#14 | Posted by Hagbard_Celine at 2014-02-01 10:25 AM | Reply | Flag:

I loved the Seinfeld show but then I went to see Jerry Seinfeld's stand up act on New Years, quite a few years ago. Very disappointing.

#15 | Posted by danni at 2014-02-01 07:51 PM | Reply | Flag:

Apparently none of them could hold onto another job.

#16 | Posted by northguy3 at 2014-02-01 09:27 PM | Reply | Flag:

I think that the false expectations that everyone probably built up for the last show as something extraordinary is the reason a lot felt that it was not good... the writing for this entire series and the cast, in my opinion, far exceed anything else in the modern era.. as someone above said, 'the worst of Seinfeld is better than anything else'... the levels of comedy throughout are unparalleled ... have seen him a few times in 'stand-up' and he has never disappointed..sometimes his depth of comedy is over many heads...but, one of the funniest men alive on stage..

#17 | Posted by drsoul at 2014-02-02 09:50 AM | Reply | Flag:


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