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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Some Bossier Parish teens in Louisiana could face criminal charges over the sharing of nude and semi-nude photos of high school students in social media. Bossier Sheriff Julian Whittington confirmed an ongoing investigation into sexting and the social media sharing of inappropriate photos. Whittington says the investigation involves "several teens in our area," and could lead to criminal charges that could include sexting and child pornography. "If you feel you want to engage in sending or receiving nude photos, or videos on your cell phones or post them on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, or even create websites with these messages. Just know this, law enforcement will track you down, we can get subpoenas, we will get your cell phone records, we can get your IP address, we will come find you. We will come arrest you," he said.


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With that confirmation came a warning from Whittington: "Sexting may be a way your child is crying out for help. Be their parent and get to know what is going on in their lives."


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Meanwhile govt 'officials' turn on the cameras and mics on the kids phones any time they want to... even hassle kids for sharing Good N Pleanty (oops that wasn't a drug)...

Its only illegal when innocent people do it. Who told you you were naked? (Gen 3:11 = the lie of prohibition starting with nudity)

#1 | Posted by reitze at 2014-01-29 11:15 PM | Reply | Flag:

Children are way too vulnerable on this account, and it's tragic in some ways. Due to hormones and brain development, each and every one will of course, be absolutely certain no one was ever in love they way they are. That and intent seriously need to be taken into account in such enforcement. This 15 yr old sent this 16 yr old nude pics? Give them a good lecturing and take their cell phone and computer privileges away. This 16 year old sent nude pics of their ex to the whole school? Full charges. Possibly jail time, teens have killed themselves over such. But sex offender registry for the rest of their life? They didn't rape anyone. It needs to seriously be asked whether it's worth making a lifelong pariah of them over. We need to allow judges a lot of leeway and education for that matter, in sentencing these issues.

#2 | Posted by zeropointnrg at 2014-01-29 11:33 PM | Reply | Flag:

#2 leeway? No the damn "law-makers" have already had too much of that. Give the same power to the "judges" and the kids will be fracked for life. Its time the populus realize their power rather than continuing being sheep that get twerked on.


#3 | Posted by reitze at 2014-01-29 11:38 PM | Reply | Flag:

#3 | POSTED BY REITZE AT 2014-01-29 11:38 PM | FLAG:

There are these things called "mandatory minimums" that sometimes tie the hands of more prudent judges even. I'm not going to claim I know how much they tie into this issue, since I actually have no knowledge, but I know with drugs they can cause massive over-sentencing of people who have hurt no one. Probably not too different here.

#4 | Posted by zeropointnrg at 2014-01-30 12:10 AM | Reply | Flag:

#4 Judges don't nullify they only get corrupt by the prision industrial cash-flow. Jurry nullification is the only hope in overturning corrupt laws. Sure every once in a while there's something anti-constitutional. But seriously the constitution doesn't cover this childish bull-crap perpetrated by 'lawmakers' 'judges' and 'accusers' - the evil trinity.

If the people don't exercise their authority the children will suffer.

#5 | Posted by reitze at 2014-01-30 12:50 AM | Reply | Flag:

Unfortunately, the police have to enforce laws. Take stupid pot laws, for example.
This problem is far deeper than mere sexting. We deal with a society bent on preserving imaginary rights to view anything (the Supreme Court Miller decision did NOT state such, contrary to what pornographers might say) and we are afraid to delve deeper into the Constitutional questions remaining.
On the other hand, when kids do it, we freak out.
Is there a middle ground? I doubt it. Someday we will have to censor pornography. At least it will be a partial censorship to protect children rather than the 'rights' of adults who want to see it anytime they feel like it.

#6 | Posted by Diablo at 2014-01-30 03:36 AM | Reply | Flag:

From the headline I thought this was a Carlos Danger story.

#7 | Posted by MUSTANG at 2014-01-30 09:28 AM | Reply | Flag:

"Just know this, law enforcement will track you down, we can get subpoenas, we will get your cell phone records, we can get your IP address, we will come find you."

That sheriff sounds like he's going after drug kingpins. I'm sure the people of his parish feel safer from the scourge of dumb kids texting photos of their privates to each other.

#8 | Posted by rcade at 2014-01-30 09:38 AM | Reply | Flag:

At least it will be a partial censorship to protect children rather than the 'rights' of adults who want to see it anytime they feel like it.


Isn't that the parents responsibility to ensure the safety of their children? Which includes what they are exposed to?

#9 | Posted by Lohocla at 2014-01-30 01:53 PM | Reply | Flag:

$#!+ this is the 4th or 5th time i've meant to hit the preview comment button & hit the
RETORT button instead, wiping out my comment. (iPad doesn't have mouse & pointer,
i have to use my big clunky finger.)

Please move that RETORT button away from the preview button!

#10 | Posted by kenx at 2014-01-30 03:00 PM | Reply | Flag:

I'm so curious what specifically the IP records net? How fun!

#11 | Posted by redlightrobot at 2014-01-30 03:28 PM | Reply | Flag:

Many communities spend over half of the budget to fund the police force and their generous bennies and pensions. How is this serving and protecting those paying for the service, or is it giving their kids a record for being stupid?

The police have a purpose but it isn't to keep the halls of justice and prisons full of victimless crimes, of which these are, as the individual in the photo either took it or encouraged the photo.

#12 | Posted by Robson at 2014-01-30 04:13 PM | Reply | Flag:

I hope the authorities don't try to protect these kids by ruining their lives.

#13 | Posted by BruceBanner at 2014-01-30 05:04 PM | Reply | Flag:

The sheriff of this parish was involved last year in a controversy in which he insisted on the use of prayers in connection with a taxpayer-supported Young Marines program. (Ref: raycomgroup.worldnow.com)

#14 | Posted by Doc_Sarvis at 2014-01-30 07:23 PM | Reply | Flag:

#14 ~ did not know that, but he looked mean as hell on the 6 o'clock news.
oh yes, he wants these kids' lives ruined for showing their kibbles & bits.

a few of you guys should comment bomb the
KSLA Shreveport news web site re. this story.

#15 | Posted by kenx at 2014-01-30 09:00 PM | Reply | Flag:

nix that, don't see any comments on the story, i commented on the school superintendent
story awhile back, and the next time, one had to comment thru facebook which i don't do.

#16 | Posted by kenx at 2014-01-30 09:04 PM | Reply | Flag:


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